Nosnetrom is a pseudonym;
this is my technology portfolio.

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Responsive Logon Screens for Web application

I realized a new design for login screens as a responsive, graphically impactful layout.

Reskinning PeopleSoft Apps for Mobile Platforms

When automated tools could only partially do the job, I completed the reskinning of several PeopleSoft Web applications for use on mobile platforms.

Online certification

I designed and developed both front and back ends of a Web application for applying for a health care certification program. The application accepts applicants to the program, manages their progress through the program, and helps them track their progress with an online dashboard.

Web survey application: National Ventilator Survey

My company received a Federal grant to perform a national census of hospitals’ respiratory hardware. From a given survey instrument, I designed, developed, deployed and supported the entire Web application.

Bring Rate Forward initiative, Marriott International Hotels

I was responsible for front-end development of a module on individual hotel Web sites; the scope of the project included six hotel brands and multiple languages.

Filtering items returned from CMS

Using jQuery, we can filter, on one or two dimensions, a list of items returned from a content management server.
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Health care management: benchmarking Web application

Using a SQL Server 2005 database application with minimal documentation, I ported the application to a Web interface, including all programming and design.

Web content management application

I developed the second generation of a content management Web application for collecting reports for my company’s annual report from the Board of Directors.

Public service campaign

Based on design criteria from the agency handling the national campaign, I designed and developed public-facing and members-only Web sites for the campaign. The members-only Web site includes a portal for state campaign captains, where they can manage an online calendar of events for their respective states.

Medical documentation review and publication

I developed both front and back ends of a Web application to solicit technical papers for publication. The application accepts papers for consideration, allows authorized reviewers to evaluate the papers and accept or reject them, or reserve papers for future consideration.

Online officiary for a non-profit corporation

I was able to mine the corporate management database to provide a lookup for officers and leaders in the organization; the officiary had previously been manually compiled.

Dictionary of jazz musicians

With jQuery on the front end and ColdFusion/SQL Server 2008 on the back end, we can compile and edit a detailed list of musicians and their metadata.